Taylor Beach Farm 

growing organic heirlooms
Welcome to Taylor Beach Farm.  This year we are growing 46 types of heirloom and/or open pollinated tomato varieties, 10 types of peppers, as well as a bevy of other awsome heritage vegetables, flowers, culinary and therapeutic herbs, and perrenials.

Our tomato catalogue for 2011 can be found via the plants and produce link above.  We have many varieties that are perfectly suited to this cool, wet spring that we have been having, and we are happy to share our organic techniques for growing tomatoes successfully in our climate when you visit us.

We will be selling our plants at a few markets and events around Victoria this spring and summer, so keep watching the Where we sell link for new opportunities to enjoy our plants and fresh veggies.  You can also join our facebook page to stay updated on what we are currently growing and selling, and to hear about any events that we are involved with. 

Now Get Growing!